Instagram intro

Instagram Prints is a new feature enabling Instagram users to purchase prints of photos from their Instagram feed. It features print, card and scrapbook templates, direct delivery and individual customization. Users will materialize their favorite moments, and sharing these with others in a gloriously retro way.

> Launch Axure Prototype

The Brief

In this student project, we were tasked with introducing a new Print-ordering feature to the Instagram native app, which integrated seamlessly with current user behavior and encouraged repeat engagement. 

Time Frame: 2 weeks


  • Adheres to the architectural and visual conventions of the existing app. 
  • Make the feature easily navigationally accessible without interrupting current user flows
  • Maintain philosophically consistent simple and instantaneous experience


Based on survey and interview findings, we learned that there was a wide diversity of user approaches to time investment and level of emotional preciousness with regards to photo printing.

Conceptual Diagram

We developed a visual model of the product's foundational interrelationships, in order to better communicate with developers and attain stakeholder buy-in.

Flow Charts

Producing a series of flow charts was critical to evaluate the primary user pathways, optimize these paths, and to enable gradual engagement with power-user features.