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SingSong is mobile app that enables you to host a karaoke party, connect multiple devices to a shared queue, stream to a TV, and use your device as a wireless microphone. Unlike existing karaoke apps, it automatically packages your music with free online video and lyrics, creating the biggest, most customized, and up-to-date karaoke library ever.

The Brief

Conceive and build a cohesive, branded mobile app from scratch. Validate UX through iterative usability testing and refinement. Illustrate use flow through a clickable, animated prototype.

Time Frame: 2 weeks


  • Work within very limited project time frame
  • Project management and execution of every step, from research to visual design
  • Establish a brand identity distinct from numerous karaoke competitors
  • Develop an MVP in absence of constraints
SingSong - sketches

Paper Prototyping

Quickly sketching numerous rudimentary layout concepts allowed me to enact the feature/informational hierarchy which was established in user interviews and usability tests. 

SingSong - App Map

App Mapping

Diagramming the information architecture was key to understanding how each features would naturally group into sensible flows.

SingSong - Key Screens

High Fidelity Mockups

In addition to its intuitive feature navigation, SingSong derives significant competitive advantage through its unique features such as wireless microphone, video mode customization, playlists, search refinement, and contextual recommendation lists.